how much to build a deck around a pool

Cost of a 12X16 Pool Deck - Professional

 · By the way, $10,000 for a basic 12 x16 pool deck built out of PT sounds about right to me. Of course it could be way more or way less depending on the specs of the project, jobsite conditions, etc.

How to Build an In-Ground Pool Deck

 · An inground pool deck costs a lot of money, but if you are comfortable around wood and tools, then an inground pool deck may be right up your alley. Building an inground pool deck is tricky since decks are expected to be off the ground, while this deck

Framing a Deck Around a Pool DIY Deck

 · If the pool is to be higher than the deck, determine how much and if any steps will be required, make them wide enough to enter and exit the pool safely before stepping down to deck height. Setting the pool lower than the deck is not recommended for safety reasons.

how much would it coast to build a deck

 · How to Build a Deck around a Pool - SevenTrust. 25 Aug 2012 This is a very detailed video on how to build a deck around a pool. lag screws see the "How To Build a Ground Level Deck"on our channel, click the .

How much concrete decking should we get

 · Our trilogy 12x24 fiberglass pool arrives next week. We are struggling to decide on deck size. Our initial plan is to have 12'/5'/10'/5'. The five foot sides will be along the 12' side of pool on left and then 24' length of pool. The five foot will be along the other length and 10 feet along the right side. This should allow room for loungers and room to walk easily around the pool.

how much to build a deck around an above

 · Above Ground Pool Deck Plans - How to Build a Pool Deck. Learn how to build a pool deck with these 10 steps. However, to get the most enjoyment out of your above-ground pool you need a wood deck that surrounds it .

Cost to Build an Above Ground Swimming

The Total Cost shown above includes the two-man pool installation crew that will be on the job a total of 40 man-hours, or about 2.5 days for the pool installation crew. The Labor Cost also includes two workers for about 18 man-hours total to install the extras. The typical example is a round swimming pool that is 19' in diameter and 3' deep.