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Composite decking review (WPC). What is the best decking timber type? What is the best decking treatment? What wood species are available and which is the best for alfresco areas? There is a range of wood species for outdoor use e.g. Treated Pine, Cypress Pine or several hardwood types.

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WOOD CONSTRUCTION DATA 5. i. Heavy timber construction is one of the oldest types ... Heavy timber is a type of construction in which fire ... The lumber used in heavy timber framing members and decking shall be graded in accordance with the grad-

Best Decking Timber, wood types for Timber ... - Canny Living

Choosing a different decking timber can affect the final price by approximately 25%. Untreated class 3 and 4 timbers should not be used for rain exposed Decks. The natural durability of heartwood classes 1 and 2 promises a service-life of up to 25 years and longer.

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The types of wood stain or wood varnish used also plays a role in the pricing of timber decking. Inferior varnish may bring the cost of your decking to be lower, but it is not recommended as it might cause flaking, peeling and even blistering.

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Composite Decking. Made from a mix of wood fibres and recycled plastic, composite decking is an easy and environmentally friendly alternative to timber.

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Species for Timber Decking We are spoilt for choice in New Zealand when it comes to building great looking timber decks. There are many timber species to choose from, each with different characteristics of colour and wood texture.

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You want to build a natural timber deck. Nothing beats the look of natural timber, so you’re off to a good start. Now all you have to do is choose your decking timber.

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The main benefits of this type of decking are its affordability and ease of availability as well as its ease of use. It is ordinarily made using pine which is then treated to guard against rot, fungus and wood-boring insects. This timber has the characteristic green tinge and is widely used for decking throughout the world.

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Types of Timber Decking. The primary variable aside from size and shape of decks is the type of decking board that you use. Decking comes in many different species, both softwood (pine) and other hardwood decking species, offering variable strength, size and flexibility, as well as colour, grain and density.

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Deciding upon your type of decking used to be an easy choice – you could choose wood; or wood. And while there might have been a number of species of wood to choose from; there certainly weren’t the plethora of options we have available to us in this day and age.

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Douglas fir timber shows a remarkably clean-cut division between the hard, red-brown summer wood and the paler, softer, pinkish-yellow springwood of the same annual ring. No matter how fast the tree may grow, it always lays down a high proportion of strong, dense summerwood.

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Cedar wood for decks is popular because it is strong and inexpensive. Cedar is a soft wood that is solid and easy to use to build however it is prone to sun damage so if using this wood you should consider building your deck in the shade.